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Your fashion prerogative


Fashion Meets Function

Ffia’s biggest intention with their clothing is to create new and innovative garments that challenge

the idea that women who are breastfeeding can’t follow current trends or feel fashionable in their

outfit choices. They want to banish the notion that women have give up their style and fashion

identity for typical stretchy and shapeless, jersey garments just because they have entered

motherhood and are breast feeding. Instead, Ffia are looking to celebrate the breast feeding

mother and normalise the role by making a bigger range of clothes that still enable mothers to

express themselves through their fashion choices, whilst considering functional ways to make

breast feeding easier in terms of clothing practicality.

Luxurious with a capital L

We produce classic and core pieces that can be considered an investment piece. Our whole collection is interchangeable, and can be mixed and matched into an array of different outfits for



In terms of manufacturing, all pieces are hand crafted by designer Ffion, ensuring that each item is produced to a high standard and checked over thoroughly- something we pride ourselves on.


We are a luxurious brand. We aim to create a brand different from other mum/maternity brands, through our luxurious aesthetic and feel. We want to make each and every mother feel special and

considered whilst breast feeding. We use luxurious and tactile materials such as velvet, knitwear and pleathers to accommodate a soft feeling for both mother and baby.


The collection follows a high fashion, contemporary style with emphasis on shape and silhouette.


We feel passionate about creating clothes that mum’s actually want to wear. Instead of having to feel as though they are losing their identity because they have to wear shapeless jersey sweat clothing; simply because they have entered motherhood and are breast feeding. We want to normalise the act of breast feeding by creating normal, (not “mum” specific) looking clothes that all women can wear and feel good in. But also, unlike most of the clothes out there, we are making all the garments in Ffia breast feeding friendly. We do this by incorporating ways to help breast feeding mothers carry out the job in an as easy and stress-free way as possible. Some of our specific features include the use of buttons, zips, hooks and pockets around the breast area. As-well as this we incorporate cropped pieces that make it easier to breast feed as there’s loads of material to have to rearrange on your body. Also some of our items are changeable in terms of length and can be adjusted based on how your feeling on the day. Additionally, the whole collection has followed male tailoring pattern cuts. We do this this in order to make the wearer feel comfortable in their outfit. It means that there is plenty of room and the outfits are not a tight fit. Instead we want to make the collection slightly oversized and boxy, creating more space and room compared with normal women tailored garments.

All of these features and simple elements have all been incorporated based on research on how to improve clothing and make it easier for breast feeding women. Every aspect is a conscious decision from us, to help you feel better and easier when breast feeding.