©2018 by Ffion Owen

New Luxurious Clothing Brand Ffia Changing the Game for

Mainstream “mumsy” Fashion.


Ffion Owen is an emerging Welsh fashion designer with a vision to change the face of

fashion for breast feeding mothers. The designer is soon to release her highly anticipated new brand Ffia, with a collection focused on normalising breast feeding. They want to help mothers breast feed as easily

and stress-free as possible, whilst still wearing clothes that look good and express their

individual identity through fashion.


The USW fashion design student sat down with us to talk us through her new collection.

We found out why she feels passionate about producing breast feeding friendly clothing,

and what she hopes to change, improve and achieve through Ffia.

When asked where her dedication for breast feeding women comes from (as she is not

one herself), Ffion had this to say….

“Well, I used to work in the bridal industry, which is obviously a strongly 20-40+ female

orientated industry, so I naturally met hundreds of new mum’s. There I ended up in so

many conversations with different women who all had the same complaint to make- the

lack of diversity in clothing for maternity and specifically breast feeding mum’s. They

would all say how everything was either too loose, too jersey, too boring, or all of the

above. Even my own sister, who is currently breast feeding my nephew, feels as though

she has some what lost her identity when it comes to fashion, simply because theres

nothing out there even remotely “fashionable” AND breast feeding conscious, let alone

actually breast feeding friendly. After hearing all these stories, and having designed

maternity wear in the past, I found my new market!.”

So, Ffia is a very interesting name, where did it come from? FFIA


“Oh well my nephew, can’t say aunty Ffion (too welsh haha) so calls me ‘Aunty Ffia’. So

when it came to naming the brand, who better then the person who started the whole

concept in the first place? (well technically his mum but he’s much cuter) So it seemed

only right!”

Tell us, what sets you apart? How are your garments different from all

the others and how are they breast feeding friendly exactly?

“So, good question! Firstly, my designs are not specifically for breast feeding women,

they can be worn by any women. I like to think that Ffia is breast feeding friendly, but not

breast feeding obvious. But the difference between my clothes and what you see in

mainstream fashion today is that I have created all of the clothes to be easily accessible

for someone breast feeding. As in women don’t have to strip or remove their clothes

entirely in order to breast feed. I have added removable materials and zips etc, as well as

cropped and also oversized boxy fits to make breast feeding easier for them, especially

when out and about. But unlike most of the clothes out there for mum’s, Ffia don’t follow

the standard rules for maternity and breast feeding wear. Instead we make clothes that

are still fashionable, fitted and generally things that our customers actually want to wear

and feel good in.”

As part of the collection, Ffia have included a number of different garments, including

casual tailored pieces and knitwear, as-well as less formal politically tongue in cheek

slogan t’shirts stating “do my lady balls look big in this?”

Ffia, in their words, state they are trying to “challenge the fashion industry on their lack of

consideration when it comes to breast feeding women” (designer Ffion). They are trying to

introduce breast feeding friendly clothing into mainstream fashion by normalising it

through their celebratory and empowering stance.

Many have commended Ffia for their efforts as they dare to shine a light on this particular

conversation, as they believe that we are not having it often enough in the industry.

-Kitty Tindall